Thursday, October 9, 2014

Travel Times to SEEC

Here are our arrival and departure times for next week:

Departing Wednesday morning (Oct 15) by water taxi:

(Mayne) Depart Miner’s Bay 9:15
(Galiano) Depart Sturdies 9:25
Arrive Lyall Harbour 10:00

(Phoenix) Depart Ganges 8:45 a.m.
(Pender) Depart Port Washington 9:20
Arrive Lyall Harbour 10:00

Returning Thursday afternoon (Oct 16) by ferry*: 

Arrive on Mayne at 4:45pm
Arrive on Galiano at 5:45pm 
Arrive on Pender at 6:40pm

*Phoenix will take the regular water taxi run back to Salt Spring arriving at 6:30pm

(When travelling on the water taxis students who weigh 80 pounds or less MUST have their own lifejackets.)

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