Thursday, May 14, 2015

Exploratories on Salt Spring

Check out these awesome exploratory options our OIMY students had to choose from. It's great to see learning that involves our community experts!: 

Drawing with Donald- Whether you are new to sketching or an avid artist, Donald will guide you through drawing techniques that will have you drawing creatures from our environment with great detail and ease! (Donald is a well-know Salt Spring artist. This is his website).

Surviving with Island Escapades- Jack Rosen from Island Escapades will be leading you on a survival hike, teaching about what to harvest and how to survive off the forest feast. Can you make shelters, get food and survive in the wilderness?

Aboriginal music and hip-hop dancing- This is a unique opportunity to explore the 'Then and Now' of aboriginal music. This exploratory showcases young the brothers; Wesley Hardisty (age 19, a recent GISS grad, and an amazing young violin player) and his brother Brendan Hardisty (age 17 and a dancer- including modern hip hop),  This workshop will have you listening to different styles of music, watching different styles of aboriginal dance and comparing them to the more modern rock and hip hop. They will also be teaching you some hip-hop moves as well!

The Ruckle Ramble- Most have done Geocaching, but few have done the Ruckle Ramble. This challenging hunt will give you a series of coordinates to which you will have to find to answer a question and figure out where the final geocache is hidden! If you like Geocaching but wish it was a bit more challenging, this is the exploration for you!

The Ruckle Ramble is being led by Michelle Spencer, who also organized - with our Phoenix Students - the entire OIMY campout adventure over yesterday and today!

Thank you very much Michelle and our Phoenix crew!!

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